Learning Gatsby

January 02, 2020

This year I decided to do something different before the holidays.

I felt that I spent too much time on the computer, and it was more exhausting than enjoyable. So I decided to box in my home computers for one and half months before Christmas. I had trouble coming up with ideas what to do during the first week, but soon I found new addictions, such as hiking and reading books.

During that time I made a list of things to do. One of those things was related to one of my side projects, which running on a VPS. If it wasn’t for maintainability, this site could be just pure HTML, so I decided to convert it to use a static website generator. After some research, I found Gatsby, and it indeed seemed like a good choice. Now the side project is powered by Gatsby and is hosted on Netlify. Yay!

Now I am keeping an eye on the challenge 100 Days of Gatsby. The first challenge was to create a blog on Gatsby, so I converted this blog over to Gatsby as well. Having used React, it is quite easy to learn and set up. Before tweaking things I want to read up about it as much as possible - for example Gatsby’s concept of themes sounds very interesting, but I will need to understand it better before doing anything meaningful.

Kristjan Siimson

Written by Kristjan Siimson who lives and works in Trondheim.